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European Commission Directorate-General Research & Innovation Becomes ECDL Accredited Test Centre... read more.

ECDL Syllabus 5

Candidates registered on ECDL Syllabus 5 are able to sit for certification tests of Modules 1, 2 & 7 until 30th September 2016. These tests will not be available after this date.

ECDL Registration Number

Starting from 01-Feb-13, all candidates starting ECDL are allocated an ECDL Candidate Registration Number instead of the Skills Card. Candidates who have purchased the Skills Card will continue using this.


The New ECDL is now available...more information.

Press Releases

13th Oct 2016
European Commission Staff Receive ECDL Certification. [PDF]

2nd May 2016
European Commission Directorate-General Research & Innovation Becomes ECDL Accredited Test Centre. [PDF]

18th April 2016
Shocking Gaps Between Self-Assessed and Actual Digital Skills Reaffirm Value of Certification. [PDF]

10th October 2015
Computing and Digital Literacy: Call for a Holistic Approach.

30th January 2015
Europe facing digital 'lost generation’ thanks to 'Digital Native' fallacy. [PDF]

08th October 2012
Insufficient ICT Skills Highlighted as Area of Concern for Progress of the European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe. [PDF]

20th December 2011
1st European Round Table: Digital Literacy, Skills & e-Inclusion - Delivering the Digital Agenda. [PDF]

14th October 2011
European Commission Vice-President Kroes Delivers Keynote Address on the Importance of Digital Skills for Competitiveness and Inclusion. [PDF]

13th September 2011
ICT skills are integral to the aims of the European year of Active Ageing. [PDF]

05th July 2011
Digital Agenda Assembly - A Success but Digital Skills & Competences Remain Crucial for Overall Digital Agenda Progress. [PDF]

01st March 2011
ECDL Malta has just launched the new syllabi (V2.0) for ECDL Web Editing and ECDL Image Editing. [PDF]

18th January 2011
ICT skills training and certification programmes substantially improve employee productivity and offer considerable savings to employers and national economies. [PDF]

01st December 2010
ICDL standards incorporated into Singapore's National Employability Skills (ICT) modules. [PDF]

26th November 2010
ECDL Forum 2010: Experts meet to develop global digital literacy initiatives. [PDF]

4th October 2010
ECDL Foundation and ECDL Malta launch a campaign to raise the profile of the EU Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe and commit their support to high-level aims. [PDF]

2nd August 2010
Mapping of the ECDL certifications with the Malta Qualifications Framework. [PDF]



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