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ECDL training is delivered through a variety of media, including traditional classroom based, instructor-led methods, and self-directed, assignment or multimedia based training, which is usually a home study option. This latter method has proved to be most successful when learners are supported by a tutor or mentor to help with any queries.

Candidates are not however, required to do any training in order to achieve their ECDL. If they are competent in the syllabus content, they can contact an accredited ECDL test centre, purchase an ECDL Candidate Registration Number and sit the tests.


There are a number of approved ECDL courseware providers who produce materials for teaching and learning the knowledge and skills prescribed in the ECDL syllabus. Courseware providers are currently revising and developing training material to cater for the new ECDL modules. Below is a list of approved courseware providers for Malta:

Last updated: 24-Oct-17