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Q1. What is ICDL? What happened to ECDL?

ECDL is the name that was given to the ICDL Certification programme in Europe, however, in 2020 the name was updated to become known as ICDL globally.

ICDL which stands for International Certification of Digital Literacy, is the new name for the ECDL programme.

As from 1st May 2022, new candidates will be registered on the new ICDL programme. The ECDL Standard programme is being replaced by 2 similar programme streams: ICDL Workforce and ICDL Tech. The ECDL Expert / Advanced programme is being replaced by the ICDL Professional. Visit our new website for more information on the new ICDL.

The new ICDL will not impact the candidates following the ECDL programme. However these candidates are required to complete all tests by 31st December 2022. On completion they will be awarded an ECDL certificate.

Q2. I am following the ECDL Standard programme. Can I be awarded an ICDL Workforce or ICDL Tech certificate?

Refer to our new website - FAQ 4.

Q3. I am following the ECDL Advanced programme. Can I be awarded an ICDL Professional certificate?

Refer to our new website - FAQ 5.

Q4. Can I sit for ECDL tests during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. Accredited ECDL Test Centres are offering remote ECDL certification test sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means you are now able to sit for ECDL tests from home using a laptop/computer with a web cam and microphone. An Internet connection will be required. Please contact the Test Centre where you have registered to sit for ECDL tests.

Q5. Do I have to attend a course to sit for ECDL tests?

If you believe that you already have appropriate IT skills and are sufficiently experienced in the relevant ECDL module/s, you may not need to follow a course. However, before you decide that you do not require any training, it is strongly recommended that you:

  1. review the syllabi of the ECDL modules,
  2. review the official ECDL courseware and
  3. you work through the ECDL diagnostic (mock) tests.

If you do not obtain 80%+ in the ECDL diagnostic test, then you should consider following a course at one of the ECDL Accredited Test Centres.

Note that when you register at ECDL Accredited Test Centre to start the ECDL certification programme you will be provided with:

  1. the ECDL Registration Number,
  2. official ECDL courseware and
  3. one diagnostic test for each ECDL certification test purchased#

#You will be provided with instructions to do the diagnostic test from home. The ECDL certification test is always done at the ECDL Accredited Test Centre.

There shall be no charge for the diagnostic test and the official ECDL courseware. An appropriate fee may however be charged by the Test Centre to recover the costs associated with the provision of printed or electronic versions of the courseware.

Q6. What amount of training is required to prepare for ECDL tests?

The number of teaching hours will be dependent on the needs of the individual candidate but the following serve as indicative guidelines:

  • ECDL Base & Standard modules: 6 – 7 hours per module consisting of classroom instruction and self-study.
  • ECDL Advanced modules: 12 – 15 hours per module consisting of classroom instruction and self-study

Q7. How are candidates tested?

Candidates are tested in examination conditions supervised by an ECDL Accredited Tester. Test centres use automated test systems which automatically assess the candidates' performance on completion of each test. Automated Tests provide immediate feedback to both the centre and the candidate. Candidates must complete one test for each module.

Note that the intermediate module 2D-CAD is the only module that is tested using manual tests

Q8. What are diagnostic tests?

Diagnostic (mock) tests allow a candidate to go through the testing environment in the same setting as the certification test and assess a candidate's understanding of the particular ECDL module. We recommend a passing rate of 80%+ for the diagnostic test before a candidate is encouraged to sit for the actual ECDL certification test.

Q9. How much do the tests cost?

The exact cost for testing (and for training, if needed), is set by the ECDL Accredited Test Centre itself. Please contact the test centre directly for pricing information.

Q10. If I fail a module, when can I re-sit the test?

You can re-sit the test at the next available time at your chosen ECDL Accredited Test Centre (please contact your test centre as additional fees will be required).

Q11. Can I complete the ECDL certification in a different location from where I started?

Yes. Each candidate is given a unique ECDL Registration Number. This number allows a candidate to complete their ECDL certification at any ECDL Accredited Test Centre.

Q12. I have a Skills Card and have not completed the seven modules. Can I continue the remaining modules to gain the ECDL certificate?

The Skills Cards ceased to be valid as from 1st February 2013.

You will need to register at an ECDL accredited Test Centre and purchase a new ECDL Candidate Registration Number (CRN). You will use the assigned CRN to restart the ECDL certification programme.

Q13. Some years ago I have purchased an electronic ECDL Registration Number but I have never done any tests. Can I use the same number and start sitting for ECDL tests?

If your ECDL Registration Number has the following format – MTRN####### - you can continue using this.

If your ECDL Registration Number has the following format - MT####### - it is recommended that you contact an ECDL accredited Test Centre to acquire a new ECDL Candidate Registration Number at no cost.

Q14. Is there a time window to complete the ECDL Standard certification programme?

In the past, candidates were required to pass seven tests within a three-year window. Candidates who have been registered on ECDL as from 1st October 2013 are free to finish the modules in the time they deem fit.

Q15. I have done ECDL tests on old software versions and was awarded an ECDL Certificate. Is this still valid?

The certificate remains valid.

Q16. Why does ECDL include a greater range of modules nowadays?

The old ECDL programme (formerly known as ECDL Core) contained a specific set of 7 module tests. The new ECDL Standard programme offers more flexibility compared to the old ECDL programme. Candidates will be awarded the ECDL Standard if they pass all four (4) Base modules and any three (3) Intermediate modules. More information about ECDL Base & Intermediate modules.

Q17. Do all training centres and schools offer training in all the available modules?

To obtain the ECDL Standard certificate, candidates must successfully complete all four (4) Base module tests and any three (3) Intermediate module tests. Training centres and schools are free to decide which modules to include in their training schedule/curriculum. If you are interested in a specific module which is not offered at a training centre or your school, you can contact another ECDL accredited Test Centre to follow training in this module.

Q18. Candidates must successfully complete all four (4) Base module tests and any three (3) Intermediate module tests to obtain the ECDL Standard Certificate. Can I sit for other Intermediate module tests after I obtain the ECDL Standard certificate?

You can sit for other Intermediate module tests at an ECDL accredited Test Centre. Certificates issued for successful completions of additional module tests incur a fee.

Q19. I am interested in sitting one test ONLY. Do I need to purchase an ECDL Candidate Registration Number?

Candidates are allowed to sit for ECDL tests provided that they have purchased an ECDL Registration Number. If you are interested in getting certified in ONE module rather than multiple modules you can purchase the one-module ECDL Registration Number at a discounted rate.

Q20. What happened to ECDL Syllabus 5 modules 1, 2 & 7?

The underlying module tests have been withdrawn as from 1st October 2016.

  • Module 1 - Concepts of Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Module 2 - Using the Computer and Managing Files
  • Module 7 - Web Browsing & Communication

Q21. I misplaced my certificate. Can I order a replacement certificate?

You should contact the Test Centre where you did your last test to order a replacement certificate. You will incur a fee to order this. Note that the certificate will NOT be issued immediately by the Test Centre. ECDL Malta will issue the certificate and pass this on to the Test Centre.

Last updated: 18-Mar-22