PRESS RELEASES 2015 - 2020

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ECDL testing during COVID-19

19th April 2020

ECDL Test Centres can now offer remote ECDL certification test sessions. This means the candidates are now able to sit for ECDL tests from home... read more. [PDF]

ICDL digital skills certification programme launched

15th May 2019

ICDL digital skills certification programme launched to equip workers with skills for today and tomorrow... read more. [PDF]

ECDL Information Literacy

23rd July 2018

ECDL Malta has launched a new module - Information Literacy - to give candidates the skills to find, critically evaluate, and work with information online... read more. [PDF]

ECDL Data Protection

13th May 2018

ECDL Malta has launched a new module - Data Protection - to certify individuals who need to understand and comply with principles of data protection and who specifically need to understand the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)... read more. [PDF]

ECDL Foundation Courseware

08th January 2018

ECDL Malta through the network of accredited Test Centres shall be providing this courseware to all candidates registered on the ECDL Certification programme... read more. [PDF]

New Digital Marketing Module

09th February 2017

ECDL Malta has launched a new module, certifying essential digital marketing skills during an event attended by representatives of ECDL accredited Test Centres... read more. [PDF]

European Commission Staff Receive ECDL Certification

13th October 2016

Staff at the European Commission’s DG Research & Innovation (DG RTD) received ECDL certificates, recognising their digital skills, at a ceremony attended by ECDL Foundation CEO Damien O’Sullivan, and DG Research & Innovation Deputy Director General, Patrick Child.... read more. [PDF]

European Commission Directorate-General Research & Innovation Becomes ECDL Accredited Test Centre

2nd May 2016

Staff at the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation are benefiting from ECDL certification under a new initiative to boost digital skills and improve workplace productivity... read more. [PDF]

Shocking Gaps Between Self-Assessed and Actual Digital Skills Reaffirm Value of Certification

18th April 2016

ECDL Foundation’s latest position paper has examined the results of five digital literacy studies conducted in Europe, which find that people routinely overestimate their digital skills, and lack abilities in areas that are key to workplace productivity... read more. [PDF]

Computing and Digital Literacy: Call for a Holistic Approach

10th October 2015

ECDL Foundation has issued a position paper calling for a unified approach that equips all school students with both coding (or computing) and digital skills... read more. [PDF]

Europe Facing Digital 'Lost Generation’ Thanks to 'Digital Native' Fallacy

30th January 2015

Young people can’t build their digital skills without support through training and education. That’s the main point in the latest position paper from ECDL Foundation, ‘The Fallacy of the ‘Digital Native’: Why Young People Need to Develop their Digital Skills’... read more. [PDF]

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