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When candidates register to start the ECDL certification process they purchase an ECDL Candidate Registration Number. This is a unique number that is used for all ECDL tests (Base, Standard & Advanced).

ECDL Candidate Registration Numbers are purchased from any accredited ECDL Test Centre. The cost of the ECDL Candidate Registration number includes ONE certificate issued by ECDL Malta. Only an ECDL accredited Test Centre can carry out testing and issue ECDL Candidate Registration Numbers. Test Centres are approved and monitored by ECDL Malta.

One-Module ECDL Registration Number

New ECDL candidates interested in getting certified in any ONE module rather than the full certification (ECDL Base, Standard or Expert certification) can purchase the one-module ECDL Registration Number.

The cost of the one-module ECDL Registration number is less than the ECDL Registration number (MTRN#######) used when sitting for multiple ECDL tests. New ECDL candidates who are interested in getting certified in ONE ECDL module can therefore benefit from a cost-effective registration.

The one-module ECDL Registration number has this format MTRX#######.

The cost of the MTRX registration number includes the issue of one printed certificate listing the one module.

If at a later stage the candidate decides to undertake tests for other ECDL modules, the MTRX Registration Number will be replaced by the standard MTRN Registration Number by paying the difference due.

How to get started

Contact an ECDL accredited Test Centre.

Last updated: 18-Mar-22